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Failing to appropriately treat water can have drastic consequences.

We understand this, which is why for many years now we have been helping Australian industries, commercial businesses and other organisations avoid adverse outcomes and remain compliant with strict regulations thanks to our innovative, cutting-edge water treatment solutions.

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At Barford Industries, we like to think supporting local business works best for South Australia—so we try to buy local and keep profits here rather than overseas. It’s about doing our part to help keep South Australia great.

Barford Industries have now gained ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance, so you can rest assured we are doing the job the correct way all the time and always have your company’s best interest at heart.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services, products and systems.

Water Treatment Services

A sound water treatment program must also include periodic follow-up tests to ensure that the system is getting the treatment it needs, to keep it running efficiently and safely.

Cleaning Products

We offer an extensive range of high-performance dosing pumps, meters and control equipment suitable for many industrial water treatment applications.

Pre-Treatment & Filtration Systems

Supply and service of pre-treatment equipment such as base exchange water softeners, reverse osmosis water purification plants, sand and carbon.

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