Chemical Water Treatment

It’s what we do.

At Barford Industries, we can treat systems from steam boilers and condensate systems through to ammonia condensers and cooling towers of various sizes and models. Wastewater plants, hot and cold closed loops and even filtration systems from glass pack filters and carbon to purify water are our specialties.

But to say we just treat water would be an understatement.

We do so much more.

It’s not just a 9am to 5pm job for the team at Barford—we live and breath water, which is why we work with our clients to analyse their systems and requirements in order to achieve desired end results. Knowing what we need to achieve enables us to design a system that is not only tailored to suit your requirements but also the most cost-effective solution for your plant.

With multiple generations of family experience in the industry, you could say it runs in our blood.

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We can help you solve your water treatment problems and maintain compliance with stringent regulations.

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